This weekend we're in New York City for World Maker Faire. We'll have a table in Atmel's booth with a number of other very cool companies. 

To celebrate the faire, we're offering a limited time 25% discount on all Modulo products! 

Just head to, pick out your kits and Modulos, and use discount code WMF15 at checkout for 25% off your entire order. Be sure to act quickly as this discount expires on Monday!

This discount is on top of the already significant price reductions we announced less than a week ago. If you haven't pre-ordered Modulo yet, this is the best time to do so!

Hanging with Atmel

If you're attending World Maker Faire this weekend we would love to see you. We'll have a table in the Atmel booth at the Maker Pavilion so stop by and say hello! We use an Atmel microcontroller on every modulo and love them.

There will be a bunch of other great things to see in the Atmel booth too, such as:

  • Arduino - Open source hardware platform.
  • Arduboy - Open source programmable gaming that fits in your pocket.
  • Bosch - Absolute orientation sensor.
  • Microduino - Quarter sized stackable electronic building blocks.
  • Keyboardio - Heirloom grade fully programmable keyboard.
  • QTechknow - Tiny arduino compatible board with battery charger and monitor.
  • Zippy Robotics - Desktop circuit board fabrication machine.
and that's only one booth!

Now we must be off to find the best bagels in new york (any tips?) 
and set up for the faire. We hope to see you soon!