There's a lot going on with Modulo right now. Here are three exceptionally exciting developments, all involving other organizations.


Modulo is now compatible with Spark! If you don't know Spark, they make very sweet wifi microcontroller boards and easy to use cloud services. They also have a kickstarter going right now for the Electron, a cellular dev board. Go back them if you haven't already.

I designed a new Modulo Base that holds a Spark and four Modulo devices. I've also ported the Modulo Arduino library to Spark and I'm pleased to report that it works like a charm! Here's a simple example that receives tweets over wifi and displays them on the Modulo display.

Modulo and Spark

Maker Faire

Modulo has been accepted to the BayArea Maker Faire! It's happening in San Mateo on May 15-17. I'll have prototype hardware to see and touch, along with a couple projects built using Modulo. More details about MakerFaire at


Brandon and Tim at TinyMill are helping me with design and marketing. Brandon and I have been friends since high school and even worked together for a while, back in the day. They are super talented, as evidenced by the awesome new Modulo logo they designed:

Modulo Logo