Kickstarter Update #14: Modulo is getting ever closer to shipping! There’s still a ton of work left, but we remain on track to ship before the end of November. I wanted to take a minute to let you know what’s going on and what’s left to do.

Backer Surveys

Last week we sent out kickstarter backer surveys to request your shipping address. If you haven’t filled out your survey yet, please go do so right away. We can’t ship anything to you unless you do!


Manufacturing is now nearly complete! Check out these partially assembled Modulo panels. 

Rack of Modulo PanelsPanels with hand placed parts

Lots and lots of semi-assembled modulo

Though manufacturing is now going smoothly, we did have a few problems along the way. 

Our manufacturing partner first assembled a single panel for us to test. Unfortunately, on that first panel a few resistors were missing, some hand soldered parts were placed incorrectly, and most concerning: there was a soldering issue with the finicky flex connector on one of the OLED displays.

Most of those problems were easily fixed and could be verified visually on the next set of boards. However, the OLED display issue was a bigger concern. The flex connector is both difficult to visually inspect and to difficult to repair if there’s a problem. So, we decided to test the next 20 displays before continuing with the production run.

Fortunately, every display in the new batch passed! That was a great indication that the problem on the first panel was a fluke and we could expect a good yields going forward.

Now that we’re past that hurdle, the manufacturer is proceeding with the rest of the production run. The surface mount assembly (tiny parts that are placed by machines) is now 100% complete and they’re making good progress on the manual assembly. 

Remaining Work

Though manufacturing is about to wrap up, there’s still quite a lot of work to do before we can ship. Here are the main tasks that are left:

  • Various improvements to the drawing code for the Display Modulo
  • Improve stepper support for the Motor Driver Modulo
  • Make the IR Transceiver Modulo work with more remotes and devices
  • Create bootloaders, which will allow modulos to be updated with bug fixes and new features
  • Update, clean up, and improve robustness of our python library
  • Under the hood improvements to the modulo protocol
  • Package and publish libraries for arduino, python, and particle.
  • Create and publish a driver for windows
  • Finishing writing tutorials and documentation
  • Individually test, program, and package every modulo.
  • Prepare, sort, and send out the shipments!

It’s a big list but it gets shorter ever day. As always, shoot me an email or visit if you have any questions or concerns.