We have recently launched a new Modulo platform hub on the hardware learning community, hackster.io. Post your Modulo project on hackster and you could win up to $250 in Modulo store credit!


Modulo has a new platform hub on hackster.io! Hackster.io is an awesome hardware learning community and we'll be using it to host new tutorials, documentation, and project write-ups. Perhaps more importantly though, it's a place where you can share projects, helping others build on and learn from your work!

You can follow us on hackster by visiting https://www.hackster.io/modulo and clicking on Follow. Doing that will help us reach the minimum number of followers needed for Modulo to be listed on hackster's platforms page.

The Modulo Project Contest

To encourage people to start posting Modulo projects on hackster, we're running a contest! Here's how it works:

- The first five people to post a Modulo writeup on hackster will receive a $75 Modulo store credit! No strings attached.
Projects can be anything and don't need to be complex. Even a simple write-up showing how to use a particular Modulo is just fine!
- The best, most innovative project posted by February 22 will receive a $250 store credit!
- You must include source code and instructions for recreating the project, but it doesn't have to be long, fancy, or complicated.
- At least 5 project submissions must be received by February 22 in order for the grand prize to be awarded.

You can find out more and follow along with the contest progress by visiting this thread on the modulo community site.

That's it for now. Looking forward to seeing your projects!