We blasted through our initial goal for $10,000 and have now passed twice that amount. It’s simply amazing and we are so appreciative of your support. 

We think there’s no better way to celebrate smashing a goal than to set a more challenging one. So today we’re announcing our second funding goal: an ambitious but doable $75,000.

Why are we doing this? Well, our initial funding goal of $10,000 would only let us manufacture Modulo on a small scale, the costs for parts would be high, and in the end we could deliver rewards but wouldn’t have much money or time left to develop new products.

Our new goal, $75,000, would allow us to launch Modulo as a sustainable business, not just a one–time project. With a larger amount of money and better costs at this volume, we can immediately start designing and releasing more Modulos, integrating with more platforms, and putting serious effort into documentation and educational resources.

We need your help to get there, so please tell all your friends about Modulo and help us achieve this ambitious new goal.

The Infrared Transceiver

In conjunction with our new goal, today we’re announcing the next Modulo! We will manufacture this alongside the others if our new $75,000 goal is met. Meet the IR Transceiver.

Modulo announces the IR Transceiver

The IR Transceiver sends and receives IR codes just like your TV and remote control. This makes it a breeze to control your Modulo project from across the room, or for your Modulo project to control most any device that has a remote.

You can also send codes from one Modulo setup and receive them with a second. The possibilities are endless. We think it’s super cool, if we do say so ourselves!

If we hit $75,000 we will manufacture this Modulo, include it absolutely FREE for pledges above $250, and make it available for a super-special Kickstarter only price of $10 to pledges under $250.

We <3 all the platforms

I was at MakerCon the past two days showing off Modulo and talking with other professional Makers. We got a chance to talk with the creators of many of our favorite platforms. Here are a few highlights with creators of platforms that Modulo will work with.

Eben Upton of Raspberry Pi

I had a chance to show Modulo to Eben and he had really positive feedback on it, praising Modulo’s solid feel and unique slide-in mechanism. Eben also offered insights on manufacturing that were super helpful.

Massimo Banzi of Arduino

I met Massimo a year ago at my first MakerCon. I showed him a super early prototype of Modulo back then, and he was excited to see how far it’s come. The folks at Arduino are experimenting with modular electronics and we had a chance to discuss working together in the future.

Jason Kridner of BeagleBoard

BeagleBoard is another of our favorite single board computers, and Jason is super sharp. I loved having a chance to meet with him and talk about Modulo, and I’m looking forward to doing a Modulo/BeagleBone project in the near future!

Taylor Alexander of Flutter Wireless

Flutter is a super cool wireless microcontroller with an incredible 1000+ meter range. We instantly had mutual excitement for each other’s projects. Modulo and Flutter will work great together too and I’m looking forward to working with Taylor.

Spark is now Particle and Bluz is the Bomb

Yesterday Spark announced that they are changing their name to Particle. We love the new name and love Spark’s stuff. So the Spark Base is now the Particle Base and we’re as excited as ever.

Speaking of Particle, there’s an awesome Particle-compatible bluetooth dev board called Bluz that everyone should be sure to check out. Bluz will work perfectly with the Particle base, giving Modulo Bluetooth LE capabilities. The Bluz kickstarter campaign ends in just 3 days so be sure to check it out and back their campaign!

That’s it for this update. As always we’d love to hear your feedback, questions, and comments.

–Erin and the Modulo Team