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Making has never been so easy

Say hello to Modulo

A simple, modular solution for building powerful electronic devices.

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Modulo takes the pain out of DIY hardware. Make messy electronics a thing of the past.

Modulo is a set of tiny modular circuit boards that takes the hassle out of building electronics. Now you can create custom electronics for your project without having to design and assemble circuits from scratch!

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Modulo Base and Controllers

Snap into your next project

Power at your fingertips

Modulo's power and flexibility comes from its interchangable smart devices. A wide variety of devices will be available, starting with workhorse staples such as a Color OLED Display, Push Button Illuminated Knob, and Motor Driver.

Fast Integration

Devices are held firmly by the Modulo Base. In addition to providing physical support, the base electrically connects the devices without the usual tangle of wires.

Making has never been so easy

Modulo consists of a base that holds and connects small modular devices. It's impossible to connect devices incorrectly and the base holds everything firmly in place. The result feels solid and strong in your hand.

Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Spark and Python

Modulo works great with a wide variety of other platforms. Modulo can be controlled with Python running on a Raspberry Pi or any other computer, reprogrammed with Arduino, or connected to the Internet with Spark.

Modulo works great on its own or with

Latest News

Modulo and Friends

March, Tuesday 24, 2015

There's a lot going on with Modulo right now. Here are three exceptionally exciting developments, all involving other organizations.

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Low and Slow with Modulo

March, Monday 16, 2015

Barbecue may be the world's oldest cooking method. Cultures all over the world have barbecue in one form or another, united by their common use of heat and smoke. One of my favorite styles is American Southern BBQ, which involves roasting meat at low temperatures for many hours in the presence of smoke.

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Introducing Modulo

March, Friday 06, 2015
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