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Say hello to Modulo

A simple, modular solution for building powerful electronic devices.

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Modulo takes the pain out of DIY electronics. Make messy electronics a thing of the past.

Modulo is a set of tiny modular circuit boards that takes the hassle out of building electronics. Now you can create custom electronics for your project without having to design and assemble circuits from scratch!

We have now launched on kickstarter and passed our first goal! We look forward to getting Modulo into your hands. 

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Smart Modules

Modulo's power and flexibility comes from its interchangeable smart modules. Each Modulo has its own little processor to handle its operation and communicate with the controller.
This vastly simplifies the process of building and programming devices, since you only need to deal with high level concepts (ie, Get Temperature or Set Motor Speed) not I/O pin mappings, wiring, data sheets, and registers.

Open Source

Modulo couldn’t exist without the amazing work of the open source community, and it won’t exist without your generous support. We want to give back, so we plan to make the hardware, software, and firmware all open and available for you to use and modify.

Easy Construction

Modulo consists of a base that holds and connects small modular devices. It's impossible to connect devices incorrectly and the base holds everything firmly in place. The result feels solid and strong in your hand.

Platform Independent

Modulo can be controlled with Python running on a Raspberry Pi or any other computer, programmed with Arduino, or connected to the Internet with Spark.
Best of all, you can use the same modulos with any of these controllers, and since Modulo is based on industry standards it will be straightforward to support other platforms in the future.

Modulo works great on its own or with

Latest News

As seen on TV!

May, Tuesday 26, 2015

Check out Modulo featured on The New Screen Savers presented by with demos featuring Particle and Blynk

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Making Modulos with Modulos

May, Thursday 21, 2015

There are tons of things you can build with Modulo. Erin, Modulo's creator, shows us how she uses Modulos to build more Modulos! Check out her custom made reflow oven (also built using Modulo).

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An Ambitious New Goal

May, Friday 15, 2015

We blasted through our initial goal for $10,000 and have now passed twice that amount. It’s simply amazing and we are so appreciative of your support. 

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Poseidon, Irrigation Controller
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Irrigation Controller

Poseidon is an an irrigation controller built using Modulo, Raspberry Pi, and Flutter!

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Modulo's Internet Connected Sous Vide Machine
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Sous Vide IoT

In the world of modern gastronomy, sous vide is one of the most popular cooking techniques entering the home kitchen.  In this project we'll make our own...

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